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A Little PTSD? Is that possible?

I worry. I worry everyday that Hubbie is going to walk in the door early and say that the New Company realized they did not need him after all, and he has lost his job. Everytime the phone rings, and … Continue reading

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Surviving. Again. Sorta.

I can do it. I can look at this blog without getting mad and upset and wanting to take a bat to the computer and screaming obscenities to anybody within hearing distance, for no other good reason except for the … Continue reading

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Make-up Malfunctions

I feel old.  And when I look in the mirror, the dark circles under my eyes don’t lie.  Neither do the worry-lines or the wrinkles.  And so the tube of under-eye concealer has become my best friend…usually. That is, until … Continue reading

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Marriage: Surviving Unemployment Together – Newsweek

I just came across this article from Newsweek.com on unemployment and marriage, “Love Means Never Having To Say ‘Get a Job’ “.    It is another woman’s view on her hubbie’s unemployment.  I enjoyed the article, I hope you do too. … Continue reading

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