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WOO HOO! An Interview (Sorta).

Hot Hubbie had an interview yesterday (sorta).  He applied for a job here in town, and the recruiter for the job e-mailed Hot Hubbie and asked to meet him. So does an interview with a recruiter count? I will take … Continue reading

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Resume Rewrite Revisited

It has been a few weeks since we got Hot Hubbie’s resume back from the professional resume writers.  I am shocked at how different it is.  The resume looks great (and reads great).   Apparently his original resume was “death by … Continue reading

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“And the (Unemployment) Award Goes To…”

Being the primary [emotional] supporter to an unemployed person for so long makes you well adapted with certain traits survival skills.  These skills have helped us to survive 3 years without employment.  I think we, myself and others who have … Continue reading

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Professional Resume Writers: Legit or a Big Scam to Sucker All of Us Unemployed?

We have a decision we need to make.  Maybe you can help us decide what to do. Hot Hubbie is trying to figure out if we should have a “professional resume writing service” re-write his résumé.  He has had probably … Continue reading

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