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Marriage: Surviving Unemployment Together – Newsweek

I just came across this article from Newsweek.com on unemployment and marriage, “Love Means Never Having To Say ‘Get a Job’ “.    It is another woman’s view on her hubbie’s unemployment.  I enjoyed the article, I hope you do too. … Continue reading

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Netflix, You Dopes, Now You will Get LESS of My Money! I Hope You Are Happy!

I AM PEEVED!!  Perturbed!  Pissed off! I got this in my e-mail inbox today: REALLY!?  Netflix feels the need to almost DOUBLE the price we pay for the same service we receive right now.  This is maddening! And to think, … Continue reading

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A Reality Check: Guest Post from Hot Hubbie (or get rich the slow way)

Hot Hubbie couldn’t sleep last night, so he wrote this post.  (I added the pictures. 🙂 ) Here are a few rules/tips that I would like to pass along to all of you that will make your dream of financial … Continue reading

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Pinning our Hopes and Dreams on a Resume Rewrite

So we did it.  We bit the bullet and forked over the cash to have a “professional resume writer” rewrite Hot Hubbie’s resume.  I was all for it.  Hot Hubbie did not want to spend the money, but when we … Continue reading

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