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Surviving. Again. Sorta.

I can do it. I can look at this blog without getting mad and upset and wanting to take a bat to the computer and screaming obscenities to anybody within hearing distance, for no other good reason except for the … Continue reading

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Who Would’a Thunk?

So Hot Hubbie was getting run into the ground by his Boxing “coach” the other day.   Hubbie came back from running when Coach’s cell phone rang.  He told Hot Hubbie, “It’s for you.”  And then he gave Hot Hubbie a … Continue reading

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Pinning our Hopes and Dreams on a Resume Rewrite

So we did it.  We bit the bullet and forked over the cash to have a “professional resume writer” rewrite Hot Hubbie’s resume.  I was all for it.  Hot Hubbie did not want to spend the money, but when we … Continue reading

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“And the (Unemployment) Award Goes To…”

Being the primary [emotional] supporter to an unemployed person for so long makes you well adapted with certain traits survival skills.  These skills have helped us to survive 3 years without employment.  I think we, myself and others who have … Continue reading

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