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Monday Night’s Money Game

Last month, when Hot Hubbie and I realized he may really get the job – in other words, when we were waiting for the offer letter to arrive, and having a hard time believing it was really happening – we … Continue reading

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Checking to See if it is True!

I had to check. I wasn’t sure if it could be true. I had to log into the online banking system and see for myself. Yup. It is there: a direct deposit into our account. Hubbie’s First paycheck!! YEA!!! I … Continue reading

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A Reality Check: Guest Post from Hot Hubbie (or get rich the slow way)

Hot Hubbie couldn’t sleep last night, so he wrote this post.  (I added the pictures. 🙂 ) Here are a few rules/tips that I would like to pass along to all of you that will make your dream of financial … Continue reading

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Goodwill Hunting

I was in need of some grubby, but tough, clothes (that make me look like a pioneer) for a Youth Trip I am going on.  I decided to hit our local Goodwill store. I haven’t been in a Goodwill store … Continue reading

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