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Monday Night’s Money Game

Last month, when Hot Hubbie and I realized he may really get the job – in other words, when we were waiting for the offer letter to arrive, and having a hard time believing it was really happening – we … Continue reading

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Stereos, Surround Sound, and Signs – Getting Rid of the Bachelor Stereo System and Fighting Nostalgia

After much protests by Hot Hubbie and Thing 1 and thing 2, we have finally sold the old, bachelor stereo.  The stereo that Hot Hubbie brought into the marriage 15 years ago-he brought a stereo, I brought a wok. The … Continue reading

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Surviving High School-All Over Again

High school is killing me,  all over again. I am not sure I will survive it, again. Our little family is having a hard time adjusting to the High School schedule and lifestyle. (Which will explain why posts have been … Continue reading

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Back-To-School Spending on an Unemployed Budget.

It has been awhile since I wrote a post.  Last week I was busy at my littlest Bro’s wedding and an extended family reunion.  The week before, I was busy getting ready for the out-of-state wedding and the out-of-state family … Continue reading

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