New News for the New Year! Happy 2012!

I can never remember being so happy for a new year.  I am ready to start again.  Ready to move on.  Ready to say goodbye to the past 4 years.  Ready to remember the lessons we learned, and apply them in our lives.  I am ready for 2012.
Here is our Christmas Card -ok, so I got them out late, so it is a New Year’s Card and letter to all of you:

"Happy New Year", from my family to yours!

New News for a New Year:

  • Hot Hubbie Has a New Job!  YEA!!! (A really new job – he began Monday before Christmas.)  He was so excited, that he never wore his new, black ”Bah Humbug” Santa hat this year. He kept saying that he just doesn’t feel very “Grinchy” this year; that is new to our house during Christmastime.  (His 1st week of work went great! He enjoys being at work working.)  This year, Hot Hubbie found a new pastime to keep him busy: Boxing.  He was able to take out many of his not-so-new unemployment aggravations in the ring.  Hot Hubbie’s new task for the new year: trying to find a new way to juggle work, home, and his calling, and still squeeze in few trips to the boxing gym each week.
  • We newly got back from Celebrating the end of 3 yr, 9 mo, 12 d. (but who’s counting) of unemployment in Disneyland!  We had a wonderful time and Heather almost shed new tears when we had to leave D-land, and take off our new “I’m Celebrating” buttons.
  • Heather is new to being home alone during the day, but is excited for a new paycheck (and has a million new ways to spend the new paycheck-fix the car, fix the shower, fix the pool…) She made a new resolution to send out Christmas cards, for the first time ever. (Ok, she missed Christmas, because of our quick trip to D-land, but at least we got New Years card out!)
  • Thing 1 (14) is newly Brace-less. She continues to create new artwork on every new piece of paper she can touch. She won the school’s new art competition last year. She is beginning new lessons on the viola soon and is excited to learn new techniques.
  • Thing 2(14) is new to High School.  She has written (or started) hundreds of new short stories this year. After years of playing, she found a new passion for the flute this year-and earned most improved band member.
  • Toad (8) is newly Baptized.  He is enjoying his new Wolf Cub Scout den and loves learning new things-he is the new smarty-pants in the family. Toad loves Star Wars, so his D-Land highlight: defeating Darth Vadar in a light-saber duel at the new Jedi Training Academy.
  • We are newly excited for this New Year, and all the new opportunities it will bring: New start, New challenges, New schedules, New normal, etc…

These past few years have been long and difficult, but we have grown and learned a lot.  We are very grateful for all the love and support from friends and family around us.  We could not have survived without the love and kindness you have shown us.  Many of your small acts of kindness have been answers to our prayers and Tender Mercies sent to us from our Father in Heaven.  Your small sacrifice was a huge blessing in our lives and did not go unnoticed; from doctors willing to see us outside the office, to friends surprising us and picking up our date-night tab, to anonymous gifts left on our doorstep, and so many more, each and every one meant that we could endure unemployment for that much longer.  We now understand how a tiny inconvenience could mean so much to someone else.  We hope that we can always remember those around us, and strive to be, and act, more like our Savior each day.


We wish you the best for you this New Year!


Hot Hubbie and Heather,
Thing 1, Thing 2 and Toad

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5 Responses to New News for the New Year! Happy 2012!

  1. Average Jane says:

    I am so happy for you

  2. Rosann says:

    Congratulations on your husband’s new job! That’s wonderful news. I stumbled across your blog this morning as I was doing some market research for a book I just published called UnEMPLOYED Faith. I’m a Christian woman and my husband was laid off from his corporate job three years ago, when the company we both worked for shut down. It’s been a very long, very lonely journey (emotionally). I wish I would have known about your blog a year ago. It would have been encouraging to know I wasn’t alone being the wife of an unemployed man. Instead, I felt God pushing me to write a book for all the women out there going through the same emotions, so they would know they aren’t alone and there are healthy ways to cope through those sometimes destructive feelings. It’s also nice to see that even the long journey of unemployment does eventually come to an end. Everything in God’s perfect timing. If you have an interest in checking out what I’ve done on this topic, you can find me at and at

    Blessings to you and yours,

    • Heather says:

      Thanks Rosann,

      I too felt very alone for much of these past 4 years. Unfortunately, there were (are) many people out there who are dealing with the exact same thing we are dealing with. Many times we have felt Divine intervention in our lives for the past four years. One of the biggest things we have learned is that we have to choose to have Faith. I have felt Satan’s power as he tries to make me loose faith or as he puts little thoughts in my mind or feelings in my heart. We have to choose to fight his evil influence and choose to have Faith that the Lord knows what is best for us and will never give us a challenge that we can’t conquer, and that it is God’s timing, not ours. We have to be Strong and of Good Courage.

      Good job on your book. I know it is quite an endeavor to write a book, and I admire all who accomplish the task. Congrats!

      Best wishes to you and your family!


      • Rosann says:

        Thank you so much Heather. I actually have wonderful God glorifying news to report. The day I published my book, my husband got a phone call for a job interview at a local bank (doing the same type of work he did for 25 yrs prior to his layoff). There was a week or so of back and forth discussion and waiting, but HE GOT THE JOB!!! He doesn’t start until February 6th, but we are so happy and can feel God’s blessing pouring down over us. Only God!! His timing is always perfect and HE always gets the glory. 🙂


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