Sometimes, When it Rains, It Pours.

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.

Take, for instance, the past couple of weeks:

#1  The gas gauge on The Dino (our 11-year-old family mini-van) decided to go funky on us.  It goes up…then it goes down…and then it goes up and never moves.  It shows that we have a full tank of gas at all times, until we stop and idle for any length of time, when it drops to so low that the “low fuel” indicator light goes on and the warning beep sounds.   So now we are filling the Dino’s tank from the mileage.  Oh well, maybe someday we can get it fixed.

#2  Hot Hubbie changed the filter on the pool and noticed a bunch of ball bearings in the filter.  UGH!  Our pool vacuum broke. Again!   Having a pool requires a lot of maintenance (i.e. cash) during the swimming season, and was totally affordable when Hot Hubbie had a job, but now it is a big expense for us— but it keeps our collective sanity during our long, hot, desert summer.   (I could not live without a pool.)

So we need to take the vacuum down to the pool store, and see how much they are going to charge us this time to fix the thing.  (It seems as if we are always fixing this brand of pool vacuum!  There is a brand that requires less upkeep, for $400, but we don’t have that kind of money to spend to replace a pool vacuum.)

#3  While driving The Dino the other day,  it felt really funny.  It was a “whomp, whomp, whomp” (I am sure you all understood that onomatopoeia) , that got progressively faster as the car accelerated:  Another tire problem.  Yes, this is the 4th tire on The Dino where the tread has separated.  Luckily it is the last tire of the same batch to change.  (All 4 tires have been replaced due to tread separation-it was a bad batch of tires, and we were just the lucky customers who happened to purchase replacement tires from the a bad batch).

We bought the original tires when Hot Hubbie had a job.  It was a first for us, being able to afford 4 new tires all at the same time.  And luckily enough, we spent the extra cash back then, and bought the extended warranty.  So all 4 “bad” tires are now replaced, and purchasing the replacement tires, has cost us less out-of-pocket cash than if we had not purchased the warranty.  (The replacement tires are still a hit to our unemployed pocketbook).

#4  The garbage disposal decided to quit working.  Ugh!  Luckily for us, we were able to get it fixed without any out-of-pocket cost a couple of days later.  YEA!

#5  The “ghost” is back in the Dino (yes, another problem with our car).  Whenever we hit a bump, the radio turns on (or turns off, if it was already on).  This happened to us a year ago, and we spent the $500 to get it fixed then.  I lived with the “ghost” in the car for a while.  It would turn on/off the radio, and then it would turn on/off the dome lights, then it began to suddenly turn off the headlights, and finally, to top it all off,  it would not let me turn on the air conditioning in the car.  (That is my breaking point: No A/C.  At that point, it is worth spending the money to get it fixed.)  So now we have to figure out what is wrong again, or if this is a new problem.  (I am hoping it is all under warranty from last year’s repair!)

#6  Hot Hubbie busted his knee.  Yes, he. busted. his. knee.  Ugh.   Luckily for us, we know a physical therapist, who is trying to get Hubbie walking normally again.  At this point it does not look like he will need surgery, but we aren’t positive yet.  We are hoping the physical therapy does the job for him.

Unfortunately, we will have to meet a deductible before insurance will kick in (and even then, we will still be responsible for our percentage of the bills).  ugh.

I want to yell, “really can one more thing go wrong?!”

But I know if I do scream it, then one more thing will go wrong.

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3 Responses to Sometimes, When it Rains, It Pours.

  1. missdisplaced says:

    It seems to be a given law of nature that cars always take a shit when you have the least amount of money to fix them.

    Sorry to hear that. I’ve had a crack in my windshield for 6 months now that I can’t afford to fix. Car will not pass inspection like that, but I have ’till January… Sigh.

    • Heather says:

      Donna, you are so right, just when you can’t afford a fix, your car requires a fix.

      After you fix your windshield, you could come fix mine, it has a crack (top to bottom) in it too. It is just such a low priority that I don’t even think about it on my “fix-it” list.

      Good Luck!

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