Simple, Small Tender Mercies

Every now and then I see notice a Tender Mercy that the Lord has sent.  Yesterday I noticed two while checking out at the grocery store.

The first person to check me out, automatically ad-matched my gallon of milk.  Small. Simple.  Tender Mercy.  Usually you have to let the cashier know about each and every ad-match item, and prove it.  But not today.  For the first time, the cashier gave me an ad-match, that I was not aware of, without my asking.


Then, in the middle of checking me out, he had to go stop a shoplifter, so a second person took over my cart.  She was the store manager.  (Why she was not dealing with the shoplifter, I do not know?)  Not being used to the 4 number code for all the produce, she would try to scan it and then toss it in my bags and say “Free” when the produce would not scan or the code was not correct.   Yes, Free.  She joked that it had been a while since she had checked someone out, and her checkout skills were rusty.

Neither of these things were HUGE acts for the person who gave them, they probably don’t even remember doing it,  but they are a reminder to me that He will send simple, small Tender Mercies to get us through the trials we face.

Trials like unemployment.

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One Response to Simple, Small Tender Mercies

  1. Angie says:

    wow! That is pretty amazing. I bet they would remember you if you had told them your story. Blessings come in many different ways! Truly a tender mercy.

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