Happy Easter! Did You Get “Stuff You Need” in Your Basket?

Ok.  So this post is a day late, but I don’t care. I am sorry, if you do care.

I love Easter.

I love Easter, but I don’t love the dye on my hands from the eggs, or the marshmallow peeps, or that the stores are trying to use this holiday to sell so many toys, just like they do for Christmas.  I refuse to let them [the retailers] take my Easter!

In our home, Easter is low-key.  We celebrate by going to church, just like every Sunday.  We celebrate by enjoying our family on Easter.  We celebrate with a big Easter dinner.   And usually the Easter Bunny will come after church is over.

So yesterday (Saturday night), when I realized it was getting REALLY late for the Easter Bunny (me) to go shopping, I asked Toad what the Easter Bunny brings in his basket. (I needed to make sure I got it all in my single trip to the store.)  Toad said, “The Easter bunny usually brings us stuff we need.  Last year he brought my baseball pants.”  We got a good laugh out of that.  Yup.  Stuff we need.  That is what we get for Easter.  He did not mention the chocolate bunny, or the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (that taste so much better that the regular cups), or the plastic eggs filled with jelly beans.  No, all that he remembers is “stuff we need”.

So, this year the Easter bunny brought him socks.  Lots and lots of socks.

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