Pinning our Hopes and Dreams on a Resume Rewrite

So we did it.  We bit the bullet and forked over the cash to have a “professional resume writer” rewrite Hot Hubbie’s resume.  I was all for it.  Hot Hubbie did not want to spend the money, but when we compared his current resume to samples online, we were both sold on the idea.

Hot Hubbie has always had a good resume. (At least, we thought it was good, and we were told by many people that it was good.)  His résumé has landed him many jobs and interviews in the past.  We have kept it up to date and current.  We have had dozens of people, professionals, career center advisers,  hiring managers, etc,  critique it, but his résumé was no longer providing us with any leads for a new job.  We had to shake things up.  Hopefully the re-write will do that for us.  (And if it does not, then we have a money back guarantee.)

So, with renewed effort (and energy) we again, send his résumé to everyone we know, and on every career website and to every job posting.  We are pinning our hopes and dreams on this résumé re-write.  We will let you know if the re-written resume works…

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3 Responses to Pinning our Hopes and Dreams on a Resume Rewrite

  1. I’m praying that the revised resume works like a charm and brings new job opportunities for your husband. Hoping you have a blessed Easter!

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