Unemployed Domestic Goddess in Training and All the Notions That Go With It!

My training to become a Domestic Goddess will go into overdrive today.  My new first sewing machine is “On [UPS] Vehicle for Delivery Today”.  At least that is what they say when I enter in the tracking number.  You can read about my domestication efforts here.

So I have to tell you about the bargains I found for my Domestic Goddess training.  (I am so excited!  I think I may be giddy!)

With a new first sewing machine, you need to buy a bunch of “stuff” in order to be able to sew.  Stuff like thread, pins, measuring tape, scissors, fabric, etc.  This is all stuff that I don’t already own.  (Why would I? I have never sewn before.)

A friend suggested that I sign up for the mailing list for JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store.  I did, online.  It immediately sent me an e-mail with a 20% off your total purchase coupon (including sale and clearance priced items)!  This is an AWESOME coupon (at least that is what my Domestic Goddess friends told me).  Usually the coupons are only for one item and no sale and clearance priced items.  So I was really excited to have this great coupon.

While on the JoAnn’s website, I checked out their weekly ad.  Guess what I found?  All sewing notions were 50% off!!  (For those of you, like Hot Hubbie, who don’t know what notions are, they are all the “stuff” you need to sew that I mentioned earlier.)  SCORE!!!  50% off everything I need to prepare for my Domestic Goddess training!!  PLUS I get another 20% off my entire purchase!!  I was so excited!

My Domestic Goddess friend told me, “go buy Gingher scissors.”  I had no clue what “Gingher scissors” were.  Apparently they are the Rolls-Royce of scissors.  (Who knew there was such a thing?!)  They must be, because they are priced like a Rolls-Royce!  I talked myself out of the expensive scissors while at the store (sticker shock!), and settled on the cheaper plastic pair of the Gingher scissors, and another brand of pinking shears. (For Hot Hubbie: pinking shears are the fancy scissors that make the zig-zag cut).

long story, longer…

I got home and checked my receipt, and lo and behold, the Gingher scissors were on sale! 50% off!!  The other brand was not on sale. There was not a sign posted that they were on sale and they were not listed in the ad that they were on sale, so I had no clue that they had been on sale until I checked my receipt!

I hopped back into the car and headed back to the store.  I asked the same sales clerk who checked me out the first time,  if I could return the other brand shears and the cheaper Gingher scissors, and buy the Rolls-Royce Gingher pair.  And I asked her if she would still give me my 20% off?  She was very nice and said that she would give me the additional 20%.  I was ecstatic!  I ran back to the scissor isle and grabbed the Rolls-Royce Gingher scissors and Gingher pinking shears.

A Total Bargain!!  Both pair of Gingher scissors cost me $33!  The regular price would have been $83!

Did I say they came in a nifty metal box?

A velvet lined case. I did tell you they were the Rolls-Royce of scissors, right?

So what do we learn from my BARGAIN shopping?

1.  Ask for a discount.  The sales woman may not have automatically given me the 20% off again if I had not asked for it.

2.  Timing is everything.  Buying all the notions would have been very costly, but timing it with a sale was perfect!

3.  Doubling up on discounts can get you a huge bargain.  Shopping the sale with the additional coupon was more than wonderful!

3.  Sometimes it is just by Divine Providence that you can stumble upon a great bargain.

My new nifty scissors and pinking shears.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, all of this (sewing machine, notions, scissors) has been funded from my birthday present from Mother Lode.  Thanks, Mother Lode!

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One Response to Unemployed Domestic Goddess in Training and All the Notions That Go With It!

  1. You got some great bargains! Now you need to make sure that Hottie Hubby knows that these scissors are only to be used for sewing purposes. Using them for cutting paper, etc., will make them dull quickly. I hope the sewing goes well.

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