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An Update on my New Unemployement Goal to Get More Shut-Eye.

It has been one week since I committed to getting more sleep. Last week I did great.  I got to bed by 11 or 11:15ish every night- a vast improvement from my old habit.  I was not expecting such a … Continue reading

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More on our $99 Unemployment Cruise.

I have had some people ask for more info on our cheap cruise, so here it is. (Read my first post about our Unemployment Cruise here.) The nice thing with a cruise is that once you are on board, everything … Continue reading

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The Last-Minute Cruise, a Dream Vacation for Us Unemployed.

I have an itch.  And it won’t go away. I have an itch to get away!  I want a get away vacation where we can forget all of our worries (including being unemployed).  Yeah, I know, we just visited my … Continue reading

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Celebrating My Birthday, Unemployment Style.

Today is my Birthday!!  Yea! (well, sorta) It is the 4th birthday I have celebrated since we became unemployed.  This is getting REALLY OLD!  (Have I said that before?) So I should be an old pro at saving money on … Continue reading

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