Under the Weather

I am still feeling under the weather.  This bronchitis won’t clear up.  And while trying to feel better myself, my daughter also needs my help.  She has pneumonia.  We have been convalescing on the couch together.  This is exactly how she looks, right this minute.  Used tissues and everything.

(Maricarmen Pizano at Kind of Cute must have been spying on my family when she sketched this picture)

I used to consider us a very healthy family.  That is, until we became unemployed.  It is amazing to me how often we (my family) have gotten sick since then.  Usually they are not any big, major illness that requires a visit to a doctor, but every cold, cough, sneeze, or intestinal bug, we catch.  I guess it is the stress from worrying about the unemployment that has made our bodies more susceptible to any germ out there.

So we wait for the day when the stress of unemployment does not eat away at our immune system and we can once again fight off the bugs that invade our bodies.

But until then, I am grateful for Doctor Neighbor who is willing to share his expertise with us (when we do get so sick that we need a Doctor’s help) to help us get through these bouts of illness.  Maybe someday we will be able to repay him for all of his kindness to us over these past 3 years.

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2 Responses to Under the Weather

  1. gmomj says:

    Feel better soon, both of you!

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