“If You’re Unemployed, Don’t Apply.”

Sometimes there is some news that comes around that is just totally depressing.   This article is one of them.  Companies are now declaring, “if you’re unemployed, don’t apply.”   REALLY?!  Like that is going to help the 9+% unemployment!

This isn’t new news for us.  We have heard this before; that employers are not willing to hire someone who has any “breaks” of unemployment on their résumé.   The question is, “how are we supposed to not be unemployed anymore if companies are not willing to hire those who are unemployed?”

Throughout our years we have had to deal with news like this.  Once the news came from a company that Hot Hubbie had applied to work for.  This was only a few months into our unemployment.  (I don’t think we were in a “recognized recession” yet.)  A headhunter had found his résumé and had contacted him with this great job fit.  It was a perfect job for him, and we were very excited about the opportunity.  Hot Hubbie even did an interview for the company.  It came back that the company did not want to pay the headhunter/recruiter fees, so Hot Hubbie would not be offered a postition at the company.

So now having a Headhunter is a BAD thing in a job hunt?!?  This news was shocking.   It was a big realization of how bad the job market was becoming (and quickly spiraling down). 

We have had to deal with other “news” like this for the past 3 years, but they are all the same:  unemployment is high,  homes values are falling, companies are making cuts, etc, etc, etc.

So how do we not become so discouraged (or depressed) over news like this?  The truth is, sometimes we don’t.   We just try to not let it get us down for too long.   We pull ourselves up by the boot straps and move on.

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6 Responses to “If You’re Unemployed, Don’t Apply.”

  1. Brickhouse says:

    I am approaching the 1 year mark of unemployment this summer and I have already had questions in my interviews about the gap in my unemployment. I feel like given the current economic climate and lack of jobs that employers should take this into consideration. But maybe those are just hoop dreams. Sigh…

  2. The Hot Hubbie says:

    So true! It’s tough, but just because we don’t have permanent work does not mean we are useless or “rusty”. We have to keep believing that someone will take a chance on us and then make them wish they had hired us sooner!

  3. leigh says:

    It is SO true, and some websites won’t let you get through the application if you had gaps in employment. Like you control Corporate America. It is even harder if you are older, because not only are you seen as undesirable somehow it is all your fault that the companies that you picked to work for couldn’t handle their bottom line correctly in the economic downturn.

  4. Lindsay says:

    What is insane is when its for reail jobs, the type of job that people only aply for to pay the bils. Just hapened to me.

    • Heather says:

      I am so sorry you just were told this. It seems so STUPID! How in the world are we supposed to find a job, when no one will give you a job because you don’t have a job. It makes no sense to me! Really, all we want to do is support our family and pay the bills. We have given up on all of the grandiose dreams for our future. We just need a job to pay the bills.

      Good luck to you on your continued job hunt.

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