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Great Redbox Groupon Deal: 3 movies for $1!

If you know me, you know that I LOVE a great deal. Groupon has a great deal on REDBOX movies for the next couple of days.  Check it out HERE!  You can rent 3 movies for $1.   And since my … Continue reading

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Sliding Down the Slippery Slope of Uncertainty.

Sometimes it feels like the end of our lives are here.  Not that I think I am going to die right now, but that there isn’t much left for us in the future.  (Please, somebody, tell me I am not … Continue reading

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Under the Weather

I am still feeling under the weather.  This bronchitis won’t clear up.  And while trying to feel better myself, my daughter also needs my help.  She has pneumonia.  We have been convalescing on the couch together.  This is exactly how … Continue reading

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“If You’re Unemployed, Don’t Apply.”

Sometimes there is some news that comes around that is just totally depressing.   This article is one of them.  Companies are now declaring, “if you’re unemployed, don’t apply.”   REALLY?!  Like that is going to help the 9+% unemployment! This isn’t … Continue reading

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